Instant Academic Results with LiveView


Innovative Assignment Marking in Colleges, Universities, Corporate Training Programs etc.

Revolutionise your testing workflow

Having trouble keeping up with all of the assignments that need to be corrected?

Using LiveView, we'll help you boost your correcting speed so you can optimize your time.

LiveView is an academic service that provides rapid assignment scoring across various subjects.


UI-based reporting for students & tutors

Student scores are not only available immediately, but reports are available to the student across the entire duration of their academic year - perfect for focusing on results and tracking yearly or course-wide progress.


For students, it provides you an immediate score for your assignments without having to wait.

The reports are available on-line throughout the year and are immediately and easily accessible for review, particularly when required during study.


For managers and tutors, this will allow you to assign and view scoring in real time.

It allows you to provide focus on topics that may not be scoring well. It optimizes your time, allowing you to focus on students scores and provide support to those in need.

live view

Optimizes tutors' time

live view

Year-round test data for students

live view

Immediate scoring/results for students

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