Client & Supplier Certification Control

Packaging Process

Requesting, progressing and maintaining supplier certification for packaging designs

PackLIMS | The Packaging-focused Lims System With Real-world, Real-time Data Capture

Packlims is a laboratory solution that re-imagines data capture and dramatically improves testing efficiency.

Specifically designed for Packaging Testing Laboratories without a LIMS system.

PackLIMS will help you retrieve data quickly, even during regulatory audits, reduces human error and eliminates any possibility of data loss or false reporting.

It prevents the use of outdated or uncalibrated equipment for analytical testing, assuring accuracy and the quality of results.

It helps standardise testing workflows, while providing complete and accurate control of the testing process.

It allows you to manage the tests conducted on samples, enables automatic or easy entry of results, tracking approval/validation of results and generation of reports.

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Track progress of the certification process, and collaborate with suppliers

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